Petersen's Guide to Pocket Camera by Kalton C.Lahue and the Editors of Photographic Magazine

83 pages, a comprehensive guide to Subminiature cameras of 1973.

 2    Introduction
 4    Wave of the Future
 6    Choosing your pocket Camera
10    What makes it tick?
16    The Kodak Pocket Instamatic Camera
24    The Minolta Pocket Camera System
32    The Mighty Mite Minox
36    The Tessina
40    The Yashica Atoron
44    Silver, Silver, on the Film - Which one is Best?
51    Creative Pocket Camera Techniques
60    Avoiding the pitfalls of Pocket Camera Photography
64    Basic Darkroom Procedures for Pocket Camera Users
71    Pocket Camera Color Photography
74    Explore Macrophotography
77    It all started with Steinheil

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Last updated 4th September 2005