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Paul Wahl, Subminiature Technique, The Modern Camera Guide Series. 1960 -128page soft cover page.

William White considered this the best book on subminiatures, at the time. Unlike some books that focus on a particular manufacturer, this book offers advise that is useful for anyone using a camera with a smaller format.

In these well-illustrated pages, you will find help in selecting the subminiature best suited to your needs, and you will learn to use this camera effectively in a variety of photographic situations.

Camera Features: film size, lens, viewfinder, focusing, shutter, film advance and shutter cocking, cassettes, film transport, number of exposures, built-in exposure meter, camera size, shape and weight, ease of operation, versatility, accessories, quality. Also Techniques of Subminiature Photography.

Reviews Cameras: GaMi 16, Minox B, Minox III-s, Minicord III, CamBinox, Echo 8, Mamiya Automatic 16, Mamiya Super 16, Mec 16, Mec 16B, Mikroma II, Minolta 16, Ricoh 16, Steineck A-B-C, Stylophot, Yashica Y-16.

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