Gepe double glass slide-binders for 10x14 and 12x14 negatives

Gepe make a slide of every format of negative. Besides the 10x14mm (for Minolta 16, Mamiya and most 16mm cameras) they also make

8x11mm    Minox and Yashica 8x11 film

12x17mm    Minolta MG-s/QT, Rollei 16, Edixa 16 and GaMi.

13x17mm    110 Pocket instamatics

14x21mm    Tessina

18x24mm    half frame Ducati, Olympus

24x24mm    Agfa Rapid, Photavit, Robot

110 adapters for 50x50mm projectors

Perhaps the best slide mounts available for projection but not perhaps for scanning slides as the glass does reflect light while scanning..

Auction Price Ebay 2003/04/24 9.90USD (2x20 12x17mm), 2003/10/01 19.90USD (10x14 5 boxes), 2003/10/01 9.90USD (12x17 2 boxes), *2006/11/21 3.70GBP (50 110 adapters in box), 2007/01/03 8.50USD (17 Minox slides)

Last Updated on 4th January 2007