Voigtlander VC Meter (I)

The Voigtlander VC Meter was one of Voigtlander's most popular. It was discontinued in May 2004 when the Model II was introduced.

Many classic cameras have not meter or the selenium cells have long since failed or are now inaccurate and un-repairable.

Silicon metering cell instead of CDS, powered by easily available 1.5 volt silver 76 batteries

Two  large, easy to read dials control f-stops (f1.4 to f22) and shutter speeds (1/2000th to 1s) selection.  The film speed range is from ISO 25 to 3200, selectable by rotating the top of the shutter speed selector.  The shutter speed dial is click stopped, the f-stop dial is not.

Easy to see LED readout, even in bright sunlight.  The middle LED is green, the two outer LEDs are red.    The LED's light up in the direction that the selector dials are turned, making exposure selection that much more easier.  The middle Green LED seems to have about 1/2  of a stop plus/minus leeway, before also lighting the adjacent Red LED.  If the exposure is more than about 1 stop off, only a Red LED will light, indicating the direction you need to turn the dials to  light the Green LED. 

It is 42g and 38x36.9x24.9mm (width x length x height). 

The meter stays on for 10 seconds and automatically powers offs

A neck strap and velvet pouch allow allow it to be carried separately.