Zenith UPA5M attaché case enlarger

The Zenith UPA5N is a neat small enlarger designed to be stored in the attaché case that forms the base when in use. The sample shown here is new, never used since purchased in 1978 and never unpacked. The sponge is now sticky and needs removing and replaced.

Due it is small size, exceptional lens and very low cost it was recommended by photographic shops for those who could not afford a Minolta, Leitz or Minox enlarger. These are now seen for as low as 5GBP at camera fairs but in near perfect condition this rises to 25GBP.

Model  Zenith UPA5M
Purchased 1978
Date of Manufacture  
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay 2006/04/29 5GBP (black case), 2006/05/15 13.37GBP (green case), 2006/05/22 4.99GBP, 2006/05/29 9.99USD

Ebay 2006/10/17 127.50USD (brown wooden case)

Last Updated on 25th October 2006