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"Flexible pod" is about 13cm long with the standard 1/4inch -20 thread on it. The legs are bendable like mini electrical conduit. Not nearly as luxurious as a real Minox tripod, but only 60 grammes in weight, and has a handy pocket clip to carry it with. Only $4. If you're looking for a cheep easy pocketable tripod perfect for a Minox or Minolta or whatever, this may be the ticket.

Batteries. Batteries for subminiature cameras are often difficult to find. you can try a German firm that has real PX27's. Their URL is http://www.abcde.de/bc_ang.htm. You can also use the silver oxide SPX27BP replacement for the old mercury batteries - available from a variety of on-line sources including Kevin M. Bell at www.Camera-Collectors.Com 

Cases: a company  that makes cases for the Minox ... http://www.kameraleder.com/ 

Freestyle has a web site at - http://www.freestylesalesco.com 


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