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Digitaltruth is at http://www.digitaltruth.com. This site includes the 'world's largest film development chart. Guides and instructions to download, techniques and data. 

Gepe( http://www.gepe.com) is the home of the versatile Gepe slide mounts. Special 50x50mm slides for all subminiature and APS films are available as well as for 35mm and large format. 

Here's a page that has information on the spectral sensitivity of various photocells. The second graph shows the differences between selenium and CdS cells: http://www.photo.net/photo/edscott/pss00020.htm. The graph at http://www.megatron.co.uk/gp-instruments/index.html  describes a "type B" cell that resembles the one plotted at photo.net, but also a "type M" cell that closely matches the human eye's sensitivity.

Various information and replacement batteries can be found at http://www.photobattery.com


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