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Jimmy Allen: Jimmy Allen's Submin Photo Gallery

Tomás Ayala Tomás Ayala's Submin Gallery

Tom Barker with photo gallery and how to develop in a hotel sink and slitting 16mm movie film for 9mm film width.

Marcus Brooks includes a section on subminiature cameras in films at The site is mostly related to Minolta 16. There is a section on microfilm was also generated with a Minolta. 

Larry J. Clark  has panoramic photographs at  with more to follow and subminiature photography at 

Bernard Curtis In the Woods 

Gary Davis A submini Gallery- Several outdoor black and white photos.

Bernard Delgado: A Man on a Mission. Submin means quality. Caught in the act-ion. Somewhere over the rainbow. Hey, Budd Jack

Jack DeLisle home page is at with a selection of photographs with Minolta MG-s and Zoom SLR Mark II at, Mamiya ( ),  Minox LX ( ) and a selection of DIY accessories such as cable release for Minolta 16, filter adapter for Minox A/B/C, for the LX and a PVC Minox tank!

Tom Desaulniers has posted scans taken with a Minolta QT and FUJI Superia ASA 100 film.

Godfrey DiGiorgi's web site ( contains a large number of photographs, informational pages about photography in general, plus other electrical stuff. In particular, there are several galleries dedicated to Minox and other subminiature camera works, travel in the US, UK and Europe.

Martin Doctor of the Minox shutter blades fame has his own web site with some fascinating history on items in his collection.

Michael Fastoso: Submin: the perfect pictorial camera

Photographs from the Enrico Fermi School - Photos taken with a Minox B

Wolfgang Fischer: Karman

Glenn Geist A submin Gallery

Gianni Giovannini Sunset in Ayers Rock Rusty car Rustier car Eucalyptus Gas station near Alice Springs

Michael S. Goldfarb: Forest for the Trees. Pressing Concerns. The Horse's Mouth. A 9.5mm love story. Face of the Goddess Painted Ponies. How Amusing. XTOLing Minox T-Max... And Now For Something Completely Different. Orange-a-rama! Downtown Cats. Gifts of the Sea. Woodland Reflection. Minox site gallery. Unofficial Olympus Web Photo Gallery. The Minoxography Community.

Arthur M. Grant The Biker Magi Site

Mark Hahn There are photos under Minox IIIs, EC and Minox format pinhole photos at .

Dennis Hallgren A submini Gallery

Doug Handel A Minox Gallery A photo gallery with an emphasis on technique, including a comparison of photographs from a Riga and a modern LX.

Dennis Hallgren posted a bunch of Minox photos at  The page is only in Swedish but the photo section can easily be found anyway.

Steve Henshall: The inverse law of carbonation Uvas Reservoir A Minox Homepage gallery.

Stuart Hill's Minox Page including how to make an enlarger mask for 8x11, a flat bed slitter, and a tripod adapter for the Minox EC.

Hobobros ( English version of the Japanese pages. Interesting photographs and comments.

Christian Hüther has several interesting photographs of Minox Riga, very rare Gold A and items for sale at his home pages 

Iceman: A Minox Gallery

Minoru Ikeda Minoru Ikeda's Minox Gallery

Steve Isaacson: A Minox Homepage gallery

John's Minox 8x11 Photography Main Page - Links, photos, repair notes, technical and other obscure information.

Peter Jonas has a fascinating collection of subminiature cameras at, including seldom seen Kodak Matchbox, pigeon camera, watch face Ticka, bulk load Stereo Mikroma, green and gold Minicord, Presto , Frica, Sonocon 16, Wilca, Petitux IV, Fotonette, Maniga, Comex, check covered HIT, Bolsey 8 Made in Germany, blue ULCA, Epeso, Fips, Colibri, Polizeimikroma.

James A. Jones has web pages for 16mm at and Minox at 

Marti Jones has an extensive collection of cameras including subminiatures at and her collection has featured in Country Living (,,284652_590756-1,00.html  )

Michael Kaiser. Submin shots from 1919

Andrew Kehoe  Mamiya 16 picture A Gami 16 picture

Don Krehbiel: For all things about film in general, and Minox photography specifically you could do worse than visiting  A Minox homepage gallery. An Ansco Memo homepage gallery. Minox site gallery. Information on the camera, slitting, and loading; the developing tank, enlarging, references and galleries

T. Kubo: Minox shots. Minolta shots. Mec shots

Volker Lausch Photography by Volker Lausch

Kingson Lee A Minox Gallery Personal Gallery of Hong Kong and China. You will find some experiment that I did with the TLX, GTX, Rollei 35 Classic etc

Michael Levy has a gallery of photographs including his Minox Riga, IIIs and other Minox cameras at

Joe McGloin: of

For a gallery of photographs taken with the Minolta Zoom SLR, Pentax 110 Auto, Rollei A110 cameras and additional technical specifications visit produced by Alan M D Macpherson, MSc CChem MRSC Larbert, Scotland

Charles Mallia Peggy's Cove Titanic Graveyard

Peter Martin's gallery of Minox photograph is at

Marcy Merrill: Mini Spy Camera Barbie Camera Voightlander Vitoret Camera

Peter Mosinskis PhotoBlaster Worship Page

Steve Miller has a gallery of subminiature photographs

A pains taking break down of Mycro Subminiature cameras is given at the original model, new model, models I, II and IIIa and Super 16 are accompanied by samples or each and variations in cases, accessories and engravings on the camera.

Mark O'Brien's 'Orchids with a 110 camera' are at and a collection of 110 cameras at

E. George Oeser: George's 110 gallery and why 110?

Rick Oleson invites you to have a look at his web site at Rick had designed and made a sort of slide-rule type Pocket Exposure Calculator, about 20 years ago that takes all the Kodak film-sheet data and adapted it so you can use any film speed, shutter speed or aperture combination. It's about the size of a business card; and he has made it so he wouldn't have to carry a meter with his Minox III. This is available at , along with retrieval instructions; it's a 117KB .gif file, which is huge on your screen but it needs the detail.  Minox Disassembly & Repair - Sketches and photos of how to disassemble a Minox B. The most versatile little camera ever made is an article on the Pentax 110 Auto.

Ron Pedelty A submin homepage

Nigel Richards has details and photographs of the Minox Leica IIIf sub min at . While you are there browse the pages. Collecting Photographica: Minox and submin - A truly impressive collection and some excellent photographs of accessories and cameras.

Adrian Richmond web site is devoted to the Ensign. The article on the Ensign Midget, designed by Magnus Niell, (Swedish engineer), is at

Joop Riemens' collection web site is at

Roland Roland's Submin Camera Mania

Tony Rowlett and Mimi Tran Minox Gallery Casual Minox IIIs, B, and LX photography, mostly of scenes in Anchorage, Alaska

Jamie Russell A capitol idea

Ryan Ryan's Submin Gallery

Robert Sachs: A Minox Homepage gallery - A small gallery, with a good variety of photo's

Karen Carlo Salinger Crystar results

Felix Sheng: A Minox Gallery

Tim Schulz has put  pictures of repairing a Minox LX up on a photopoint album at Tim's subminiature camera page

Gary Sehne: Disc-o is not dead. Thrown for a loupe Grand Canyon Sweet Hyper-stereo. A&M Tower Barbershop. Cowboy

Bryan Shumaker: Billions and billions. Columbines.

Sub-Miniature Camera Families

compiled by Gary Sivertsen


Frank SnodgrassB & O Down to the Ground A Restoration The Bush! The Station Our Baby Minox site gallery

The Snugg includes an article on "the History of Photography and the Camera: From Pinhole to SmartPhones" ( )  with links to other articles. Nothing particular on subminiature cameras but worth a look. Thanks to Matt and Adam for pointing this out.

Sprezzatura Every day, an original picture, a stimulating quote, and remarkable links Photos taken with Minox TLX or Leica M6 or Leica CL

Gerald Steinbach's Minox 35mm web pages are at One of the most detailed coverage of the Minox 35mm history, cameras and their accessories.

Donald E. Stowe includes depth of field charts on the Minolta 16 II, MG, QT and MG-s among his home pages at 

Martin Tai's Minox forum at and personal site at Included are  several articles on how to do macro-photography with Minox using binocular clamp and close up lens (Zeiss Ikon Proxar) . Even micro photography with Minox through a microscope is easy, picture on the above site show a Minox's picture of Ostrich feather through a 100x microscope. All these techniques make use of binocular adapter, which was originally designed for attaching to binocular for telephoto. Certainly, telephoto with binocular remains the principle use of binocular clamp. Current topics have been moved to Minox-FAQ

Eiki Takahashi A Minox Gallery of black and white, and colour photos taken with the Minox, as well as photos of some accessories.

Mark Tharp A submin homepage 

For humour on classic cameras see Tiginn's web page

Charles Trentelman has posted photographs, candid black and white photos taken with a Minox IIIs loaded with ASA 1600 film. 

Kenneth Trettin Mickie Spillane Brick Kilns (29,314b)

Tim Verthein's subminiature pages are at Tim's Edsel Emporium includes a few shots from his Minolta 16MG using Kodak DoubleXX Movie film at ISO 200 at His son's photographs of Oshkosh, taken with a Minox EC, using  Minocolor Pro and processed & printed at MPL are at Photographs taken with a Minox IIIs on APX100 under high school football field lights when it was well into the dark of the night at  and some tests using a "HIT" camera.

Steve Uhrig's web site  also includes a photo gallery Among the photographs is Steve's personal purple LX and the results of developing a film found in a Riga. Sadly Steve passed away in October 2006. "Those of us who knew Steve will agree he was very generous with his time and always willing to share his appreciation of Minox with anyone who shared it. Barely a week has gone by in the past years that we didn't trade emails and from our first transaction we felt a mutual respect and trust. We always dealt with each other through a handshake, his word was his bond. He was, above else, a good man." Martin Doctor

Per Volledal A submin Gallery

John 'Wonko' Watson has photographs from a trip to Holland and Germany. They were taken with a Minox B and Minocolor pro 100 film, scanned with a Minolta Dimage Scan Dual, and touched up with PhotoShop at  his main web site is at

Charlie Wong Charlie's Homepage

D. Scott Young Those Marvelous Minox Cameras - has created a Minox 8 x 11 web site full of historical facts, photographs, resources and small photographic gallery with a new section on Minolta 16mm cameras in February 2002. D Scott Young is author of "Minox Marvels in Miniature" and has also compiled a useful spreadsheet for camera users with several tables of conversions, EV charts, length v. exposures, film length gap, flash guide, battery lookup, filers etc. Worth a look even if the subminiature content is of no interest. or directly as

Becky Zimmerman I Left My Heart in Barcelona Minox site gallery

Eric D. Zimmerman Eric D. Zimmerman's minimal home page

Peter Zimmerman Minocolor Pro 100 results are astounding Minox Bokeh Minox II shots Minox LX shots Minox site gallery. Peter has been 'elected' first President of the Minox Historical Site and is moving his many interesting articles to 

L. Zipf Cat and flowers Kitty montage


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