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To repair or not to repair. Many of the mechanical cameras can be brought back into service with a CLA (clean, lubricate and adjustment). Some require parts that made be obtained from a donor camera. This may be worth doing to restore a special edition or coloured version and getting original parts from the less expensive silver/matt aluminium common version. Expect to pay anything from 30GBP to 70GBP (over 100USD) which may be several times the value of the camera.

For Minox you can send your camera directly to the headquarter in Wetzlar:

Technical Service
Walter-Zapp-Str. 4
35578 Wetzlar / Germany

Tel.: +49 6441 917 683
Fax.: +49 6441 917 612

Your camera will be thoroughly checked and you will be inform you about the estimate repair charges. It is your decision if the repair should be made or not. EU law requires that the repair be guaranteed, so unfortunately Minox have been forced to increase the standard charges and may have to replace more components than they might have done in the past. Parts, particularly for the 8x11 cameras are available and can be obtained from Minox directly or Don Goldberg, in USA.

Picture from Leica IIf/IIIf handbook 1955 The famous Don Goldberg, a master craftsman in all things Minox, and a gentleman so please don't waste his time on idle questions - it stops him from repairing someone's prized procession. D.A.G. Camera Repair are now the National Minox Camera repair Station since MPL dropped out of handling repairs in summer 2001. Also listed on the web site are a number of parts for Minox cameras. DAG Camera Repair2128 Vintage Drive   Oregon WI 53575 USA, United States of America. Tel: +1 608-835-3342.

Essex Camera Service http://www.essexcamera.com repairs subminiature cameras, a CLA (Clean, Lube and Adjust) on a Model 16 II is about $90.00.  Essex Camera Service, 100 Amor Ave., Carlstadt, NJ 07072, United States of America. Phone: +1 (201)-933-7272. Fax: +1 (201)-933-7647. email: info@essexcamera.com 

Kinderman/Leica Inc in Toronto. A  C shutter repaired and CLA (cleaning, lubricating and adjusting), it took about a week to get an estimate, another ten days to get the work done. Good work, as Kindermann also has Minox factory trained technicians and uses Minox supplied parts. It cost 138CAD for C shutter repair, replace one shutter blade then CL, except the viewfinder, which cannot be cleaned, as it is a sealed unit. Excellent service and good price.

MS Hobbies provide repair services in the United Kingdom. Contact Andrew Britton for details.

Replacement selenium cell elements 

Megratron (http://www.megatron.co.uk/) is one of the world's leading manufacturers of all types of selenium photo-electric cells. They can provide inexpensive, custom sized elements in by the unit with or without leads in place for those  in need of a replacement for exposure meters in Minox Model B cameras, Minox and Minosix style exposure meters, Minolta MG, Mamiya Automatic, Yashica Atoron, etc.

Megatron Ltd (email: admin@megatron.co.uk)
Unit 24F1, N17 Studios
784-788 High Road Tottenham
London N17 0DA
Tel: +44 (0)20 8365 9797


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