General - introduction

This section covers a number of accessories that apply to many subminiature camera formats and are third party accessories to the cameras. Items in this section include timers, light meters, slide mounts, developing tanks, enlargers and darkroom equipment. Articles covering a range of different subminiature formats are also listed here.

Autoknips & Haka self timers

EMO-ELEKTONIK Arthur Seibert & Co., B-C flash unit instructions (French) (649Kb)

Gepe slide Mounts  (6.05Mb)

Gossen Bisix Light Meter (1.94Mb)

Johnson Universal Developing Tank Advertisement (577Kb)

Johnson Universal Developing Tank for 127,120, 35 and 16mm film (4.39Mb)

Kindermann Stainless Steel Reel 16mm (1.03Mb)

Nikor Stainless Steel Reel 16mm and 40" (714Kb)

Paterson System 4 Developing Tanks (9.34Mb)

Zenith UPA5M, enlarger in an attaché case (2.67Mb)

Dust Jackets

Ultra-miniature Photography by Joseph D. Cooper (jacket cover only) (2.59Mb)

New Ultra-miniature Photography by Joseph D. Cooper (jacket cover only) (1.69Mb)


Developing Your Own Slide Films

Subminiatures, Photography May 56 (3.91Mb)

Modern Photography 58/04 "Ultra-miniature Cameras" by Joseph D. Cooper (1.21Mb)

Photo Guide 63/02 "Not Just Small" by Ron Hack and Ken Bailey (3.58Mb)

Popular Photography August 1963 special issue on SMALL CAMERAS SUB-35 & Subminiature (31 pages, 49.7Mb)

Photo Guide 63/02 "PM Tests" (3.64Mb)

Popular Mechanics November 1965 SUB-MINIs Those Mighty Midget Cameras by Bob Berger (3.89Mb)

Traditional Photography is fading from the picture Computing 30th October 2003

Zwerg-Kameras aus aller Welt, Hobby 54/07seit 39-43 (in German) (5.28Mb)

Petersen's Guide to Pocket Camera by Kalton C.Lahue and the
Editors of Photographic Magazine 1973
(83 pages, 118Mb)

Classic Camera No.12 price list (3.84Mb)

Eyes for Spies Oct 1987 Smithsonian (17.4Mb)

Photo Deal II/95 Cornwall advertisement (1.47Mb)

Camera Shopper 95/03 Eliminating Knobs and Levers by Jerry Friedman (3.74Mb)

Camera Shopper 95/05 Round Subminiature Cameras: Part 1 (3.76Mb)

Camera Shopper 95/06 Round Subminiature Cameras: Part 2 (3.67Mb)

Camera Shopper 95/12 "Subminiatures: Early Bakelite Beauties" by Jerry Friedman (2.76Mb)

Photo Deal III/2000 Transparente Minox-Raritäten in 8x11 und KB (9.04Mb)

Photo Deal II/2004 Raritäten in Köln (1.11Mb)

Guardian 8.1.2005 Time to snap up Antique Cameras (2.35Mb)

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