William White's Top Ten Lenses

The top 10 best lenses in subminiature cameras, according to William White, author of  Subminiature Photography are list below. The list is in chronological order, not by quality and refers to the quality of lens and not of results.

The size of the negative and grain of film add significantly to the quality of results when enlarged to the same size print and judgment by results would produce a different list.

The Minox A is not listed, but should be as the AIII and AIIIs both use the same Complan lens of the later Minox B which is included. Cameras with the Minox lens are not included. Walter Zapp is reported to have said that the complan lens is sharper for black and white photograph but the coated Minox lens is preferable for colour photography.

Among those that may be considered to be on this list, and among the best subminiature cameras are:-

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