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The Carmen, made in France was also marketed under the Pygmée name. Dating from the 1930s the camera is of stamped metal for 24x24mm exposures on 35mm wide paper backed rollfilm on special spools. Black enamel or chromed finish. Meniscus lens, simple shutter marked in French P and I for Pose and Instantané.

Auction 2003/05/22 550EUR

Ebay 2004/10/14 211.05EUR, 2005/04/21 91EUR, 2006/03/20 113.50USD, 2006/03/25 180EURO+commission, 2006/07/03 295.03USD, 2006/09/03 118.66GBP, 2006/12/17 142EUR

Pygmee, name variant of the Carmen, sold in all-black or marbleized black and silver finish.

Ebay 2006/01/22 449.44USD (red lacquer Carmen Pygmée )

Ebay 2006/02/12 555.88USD (grey lacquer Carmen Pygmée )

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