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American Detective Camera of London, England made the Demon Detective Camera. It is a small nickel silver camera weighing 3 oz for single round exposures on dry plates. Originally introduced in 1889 for 2 1/4" diameter photos on 2 1/4 x 2 1/4" plates (later called No. 1 size). A larger model (No.2 size) for 3 3/4" plates was introduced in 1890.

Funnel-shaped front with flat, rectangular back. The striking design of the back stamping (by W. Phillips of Birmingham, patent number 10823 of 26 July 1888) makes the back view more interesting than the front view of these cameras.

No.1 $1200-1500, No. 2 $2000-3000 

Advertisements for the Demon made exaggerated claims such as claiming to have sold more cameras than all other hand cameras combined and sales of 2000 per week and 100,000 in 12 months. The camera also boasted that their camera was superior to more expensive models.

 "In daylight, gaslight, sunshine, rain,.
Each faithfully Demon works the same,
And, fills with life the album page;
While five guinea cameras groan with rage."

The two models where priced at 5s and 12s 6d (0.25GBP and 0.625GBP) when a quarter plate Lancaster Instantograph field camera was 1 1s (one guinea, 1.05GBP)

No. 1 Ebay 2003/05/04 500USD

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