Houghton Ensign Midget Model 22

The Ensign Midget Model 22 was manufactured and sold by Houghton-Butcher of London, England between 1934 and 1940.  The Ensign Midget camera was designed by Swedish inventor Magnus Niéll.  Two other Magnus Niéll creations are the Expo Watch camera and the Ensignette camera. It is a simple and compact folding camera taking 35 by 45 mm exposures on Ensign Lukos size E10 roll film. 

The shutter has two settings: time and instantaneous.  Focus and lens aperture are not adjustable.  The viewfinder is a simple metal frame.  E10 roll film is paper-backed; a red window serves as the exposure counter. 

The camera collapses to a very compact size.  The closed dimensions are approximately 1 3/4 by 3 5/8 by 3/4 inches.

Ebay 2002/11/17 31USD, 2002/12/07 15GBP, 2003/02/26 28.89GBP, 2003/03/21 40USD (box), 2003/06/20 31GBP, 2003/07/09 32GBP, *2003/02/09 35EUR (no clasp), 2004/01/16 27.02GBP (case, box), 2004/03/06 37GBP,  2004/05/01 21.50EUR, 2004/05/04 8GBP, *2004/09/20 21GBP (film in tin),  *2005/01/20 36.99GBP, 2005/09/18 27.20GBP, 2005/11/13 26GBP (case), 2005/12/04 41GBP, 2006/01/15 20GBP, 2006/01/30 18.50USD, 2008/07/15 23GBP, 2008/10/01 29GBP



Last Updated on 6th November 2008