Houghton Ensign Midget Silver Jubilee S/55

1935 saw the introduction of two special models to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of King George V and Queen Mary. The S33 and S55, silver painted versions of the model 33 & 55. These cameras came in a plush lined presentation box and had smart, grey leather, slip cases. Surprisingly these versions sold for the same price as the ordinary black camera. It is also surprising that so few appear to be around today as later Ensign marketed the silver version heavily as a ladies camera, still at the same price as the ordinary model.


Ebay *2002/12/08 123EUR, 2003/02/16 100USD, *2003/11/21 127USD (case), 2004/05/29 275GBP (including original presentation box), 2004/10/24 39.70GBP, 2005/07/10 73.51GBP, 2006/02/12 31GBP, 2006/03/25 200EUR+commission, 2007/09/11 73GBP (only part of frame)


Last Updated on 12th September 2007