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Although the camera was launched in 1934 the design for the Midget had been around for some time. It came from the man who produced many classic camera designs, Magnus Niell the Swedish engineer and designer.

Designed to have smooth lines to easily slip into a pocket the Ensign Midget was hailed as "A Giant Among Midgets" when it was launched in 1934.

Ensign initially manufactured only two models of the Midget, the A/D and A/N both of which had an everset 3 Speed shutter. Optically the A/D was simpler having only an All-Distance lens and two simple rotary stops, small and large, it cost 1 10s. The A/N had better optics a focusing Ensar-Anastigmat lens and 5 stops, it cost 2 10s. Both cameras came with a morocco leather slip case in which to keep the camera and were sold in an attractive orange box with Air Force blue printing.

1935 saw the introduction of two special models to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of King George V and Queen Mary. The S33 and S55, silver painted versions of the model 33 & 55. These cameras came in a plush lined presentation box and had smart, grey leather, slip cases. Surprisingly these versions sold for the same price as the ordinary black camera. It is also surprising that so few appear to be around today as later Ensign marketed the silver version heavily as a ladies camera, still at the same price as the ordinary model.

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