Ticka made by  Houghton, London 

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D winder | "TICKA" | Semi-circle

The difference noted here in the standard "TICKA" variations are very minor.

The camera on the left should have a covering card like the camera in the middle. There are small notches that support the card which was glued into place. The camera on the right may also have had a card, but that is not conclusive and the semi-circular frame spaces the spring used for the shutter away from the rest of the camera. This would support a card but otherwise there is no discernable function of it.

The second feature is the film advance winder. The two cameras on the left have a D shape handle on the winder with small differences in the shape of the fitment. The winder on the camera on the right is a semi-circular and flatter handle.

The next on the lens column (what would be the winder on a pocket watch) has a slightly different shape whether by design (for different right angle finders) or by variations in manufacturing is not certain.


Model "TICKA"
Finish/colour nickel plated
Purchased 2002/12/16, 2003/02/04, 2003/07/04
Date of Manufacture from 1907
Cost 294.99EUR, 160GBP, 205GBP
Current Value  
Auction Price

306.50USD 2001/09/02,
247.50USD 2002/07/05 with box,
300USD 2002/08/09 with finder,
301USD 2002/09/11,
189.10USD 2002/06/15,
156GBP 2002/09/15,
183GBP 2002/10/27,
700USD 2002/12/02 with finder and box,
301EUR 2002/12/11,
*294.99EUR 2002/12/16,
*160GBP 2003/02/04,
84.05GBP 2003/04/29 (rust),
391EUR 2003/06/07 (view finder 2 instruction booklets),
*205GBP 2003/07/04 (case),
216GBP 2003/10/20 (box, finder),
161.78GBP 2004/02/08,
208.37USD 2004/02/10,
2004/02/17 200USD,
174GBP 2004/02/20 (with worn box),
350EUR 2004/07/06
152EUR 2005/06/18
310GBP 2005/08/15 (with box)
1247.22USD 2006/01/22 (large green box, finder, film)
117GBP 2006/05/04 (with chimney finder)
210EUR + commission 2006/05/20
225.53GBP 2007/11/24 (box, case)
82GBP 2008/10/05 (finder)



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