The gallery consists of a film that appears to have been taken about 1910 (or perhaps as late as the early 1920s) and came from an old Annapolis, Maryland estate (USA). It is most likely that they were taken with an early version of the Expo (purchased from the same estate at the same time).

The film has 25 exposures, the leading one pinned, a couple of under exposed. The strip is 42cm long, 17.5mm wide and the negatives are 16x22mm.

The negatives were scanned at 2400dpi with a flat bed scanner and although cropped are un-touched.

Baseball game (perhaps Baltimore or New York)

Servant (?) lady (see also below)


senior gentleman and lady outside confectionery, so the sign says.


Street scenes, tram and car (perhaps a 1910-1916 model) outside of bank. The smaller hats indicate post first world war.

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