F-21 Button camera

The button camera is a concealed version of the F-21 in a special housing with remote release attachment to the front of the camera. The camera remains hidden with the lens concealed by a coat button. The centre of the button splits open when the remote is squeezed which simultaneously fires the shutter of the camera.

Type 1 of the button cradle, the diaphragm is controlled by a lever in the corner of the cradle.

Model F-21 Type 1 fixed lens
Serial # T88382
Date of Manufacture  
Current Value  
Auction Price

Ebay 2002/12/17 661USD (two cameras with cable releases), 2003/01/11 807EUR (T83233 ), 2003/06/14 799.99USD (carry bag, T 88273), 2004/06/10 400USD, 2004/09/06 160GBP (f2.8, #75144), 2005/10/17 249GBP, 2005/12/16 495USD (button & cable release), 2006/07/03 480USD (fitted inside large purse), 2006/12/24 169USD (button & cable release only), 2007/03/03 107.09USD,

button and release: 2007/04/15 159USD, 2007/12/31 130USD, 2008/02/04 60GBP, 2008/02/25 145USD, 2008/04/23 199USD, 2008/05/24 79GBP, 2008/07/07 190USD


Last Updated on 10th July 2008