F-21 Type 1 with f/2.0 28mm fixed focus

Model F-21 Type 1 F-21 Type 1 set
Serial # No 77029 milled out
Finish/colour black, black leather grey enamel, black leather
Purchased   2004/12/12
Date of Manufacture    
Cost   350USD
Current Value    
Auction Price Ebay 2004/10/19 168.01USD, 2005/11/10 157.50USD, 2005/11/27 420EUR (+commission, with 2.8/28mm lens, second lens 4.5/28mm no.001206, film cassette in metal box, all in original maker's box, serial no: T78506, 1978), 2006/01/23 154.99USD (No.71211)
2006/04/10 2002.50USD (No. 217353), 2006/04/29 139.99USD (T74351),
2006/05/23 184.08USD  (T921439), 2006/07/03 132.49USD (T77018), 2007/03/01 176.50USD

Ebay *2004/12/12 350USD (box, two cartridges, milled number), 2007/03/03 182.50USD (box, cartridges, T82345)


Last Updated on 4th March 2007