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G.P.M. Fotonesa was manufactured by Guiseppe Pozzoli of Milan, Italy just before the Second World War. It is similar to the die-cast metal Fotonette, Photolet and Ulca, all of which used 20x20mm format film. There were also versions made of bakelite. It was sold in several colours including brown, green and red as well as black. Production was resumed briefly after the war. It was even given away as a gift inside boxes of soap but had little success.

The camera has a simple optical viewfinder on the top. The lens is a Frontal Periscop 31mm f/8.8 lens with the usual B (bulb) and I (1/50 sec.) shutter.

Ebay 2003/05/12 339USD, 2006/03/25 260EUR+commission


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