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The kidney shaped, art-deco, bakelite Frica is so rare that the authors in articles about it can not agree on a film size. Dr. William White in "Subminiature Photography" (http://www.indexstock.com/content/spy/spy6.asp) says 8x11 mm on 8mm or split 16mm movie film. McKeown's quotes 10x14mm exposures on special cassettes.. "Spy Camera" gives 8x11mm on movie film and the Subclub 8x11mm on Pathe Rurale 9.5mm movie film. Hubert Heckmann in his article in Photo Deal III/2004 quotes both 8x17mm and 7x17mm but on 8mm movie film. The photograph shown would indicate an image width of about 15mm, with the camera being 22x42x56mm. A one time owner of such a camera recalls that the film was about 9mm and unperforated.

The Frica was patented in Madrid in 1945. The unusual shape has not been seem before or since in camera designs. It resembles a ladies power box or pill box and was sold in bright red, green as well as black.

A low cost construction and tiny negatives question it photographic ability. The fixed focus lens is not marked with maximum aperture or focal length. A pop-up sports viewfinder is on the top of the camera.

The cassettes are similar to the Rapid 35mm and Rada 16mm formats.

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