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The Nova and Tex are closely related, designed by Fritz Kaftanski of Berlin who also designed the Mini Flex and Sida cameras. Both the Nova and Tex have cast metal body and take 3 x 4 cm negatives using special 35mm film cassettes marked Hermes Nova. The lens pulls forward via telescoping boxes. The body is marked DRP Ang and DRGM and Foreign intended for domestic and export sales.

The Nova was introduced in 1938. It has an  Anastigmat f/4.5 lens,  shutter marked B, 25, 50,100. Cast-metal body identical to the Adloff Tex.

A consignment was found of new cameras, normally accompanied by two film cassettes marked "Hermes Nova", but without lenses. With lens $100-150, without $40-60.

Adloff (Erwin Adloff, Apparetebau, Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Germany) sold the Tex in 1949. Cast-metal camera for perforated or unperforated 35mm film in special cassettes. 3x4cm on unperforated, 24x40mm on perforated film. The Tex has a more advanced Singlo or Compur shutter than the Nova with speeds of 25, 75, B and T. Vidar or Helur f/4.5 50mm lens. Most common with Helur in Singlo. Cast-metal body identical to the Nova camera. Some feature an accessory shoe.

Ebay 2002/08/10 125USD, 2003/11/25 109.50USD, 2005/01/04 123.49USD, 2005/06/10 91EUR, 2005/08/20 91EUR

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