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Model Sida Extra
Finish/colour brown bakelite sometimes referred to as maroon
Lens Sida Optik 35mm
Shutter release on side of camera
Aperture f/8
Purchased 2002/10/22
Date of Manufacture  
Cost 51GBP
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay *2002/10/22 51GBP, 2002/12/21 44.07EUR, 2003/02/16 74USD, 2003/06/09 47EUR (case), 2004/06/23 28.99USD, 2005/03/08 24GBP (case), 2006/03/25 22GBP, 2007/02/24 94.90USD (case), 2007/02/25 19.06EUR



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