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SIDA (Sida Gesellschaft fur photographische Apparate m.b.H., Berlin, Germany)

Sida 1936 Small eye-level cameras 24x24mm.

early black or green cast-metal body

later version made in France with black plastic body ("SIDA OBJ" on lens rim), also called Sidax.

Italien version in red marbleized plastic ("Sida Optyka" on lens rim, "Brev, Italiano" on back).

"Made in England" versions in red and green plastic.

"Made in Poland" version in black plastic

Sida Extra 1938 Small eye-level camera making 24x24mm exposures. Dark brown/black plastic body. Similar to Sida, but the name "Extra" is molded into the body above the lens.

Sida Standard 1938 Black cast-metal miniature for 25x25mm exposures. Several variations include shutter release on bottom.

Sidax 1948 Small black bakelite camera similar to the Sida and Extra. Made in Paris by Kafta. Fritz Kaftanski, the designer of Sida in Berlin, had moved to Lyon France during the war and then to Paris, where he reincarnated the Sida. Uses Lumiere #1 rollfilm for 25x25mm exposures.

2005/03/09 sold for 109.50USD, photos from Tom Palazzo

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