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The camera was designed and patented by Otto Henneberger of Nürnberg, Germany. The Ulca trade mark meaning Ulbricht Camera, was protected in 1933 by Karl Ulbricht, Nürnberg.

The ULCA was sold by ULCA Camera Corp. (Pittsburgh, PA, USA).

The camera is die-cast zinc in nickel chrome or black finish and a simple wire frame viewfinder or a small fixed finder (TSL and TMS versions). Meniscus lens and single speed shutter. Most produce 20x20mm images on roll film, but some have been reported to have made 24x24mm images.

Cameras where also manufactured in several other countries with minor variations in style and are normally denoted by the markings in the name plate. The markings also indicate the country of origin.

TMS & STM are German.

STI English

TSL American (T for timed exposure and S for Snapshoot)

One variation from England has no shutter settings but is marked Made in England. This version also comes in blue and in green enamelled body.

A zinc plated TMS is marked "Periscop".

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