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Ring cameras began to appear on the market in mid-1980s from Poland. The early versions are well crafted. The film strip mounts to in an inner ring which surrounds the finger. This fits into the outer ring which forms the body of the camera. A sliding button on the side advances the film. A small adjacent button fires the shutter when the fingers are squeezed together. The lens is the centre jewel.

"Ernemann" ring camera - Large rectangular head with blue stone on each side of the lens. Silvered metal finish. Interior of the ring is engraved with Ememann name, even though Ernemann did not exist as a camera maker after the 1926 Zeiss-Ikon merger.

"Warsavie" Ring camera 1987, chrome metal finish, engraved "Trioplan 2.8/10" and "Warsavie", sold at auction in 1987 for $1925.

Russian "KGB" ring camera 1988 rectangular head with round centre section. Reportedly offered for sale in Russia for $4500 as a KGB camera.

Christies "KGB" ring camera 1991 gold plated version with crown shaped lens bezel. Allegedly in the procession of the vendor since the early 1970s. Sold at Christies for about $25,000.

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