Krasnogorsky Zavod F21T instruction manual (English)

English copy close to Russian original. Therefore the price I am setting here is only a small fraction of the cost of translation. Translators are charging at least $50.00 per page. The manual will also give you an idea how to get the film for your F 21 camera and how to develop it so you can try it in action. I can also give you the idea how to make a simple film splitter for 35 mm film in order to get needed 21 mm film. Manual shows the exact length of the film to be cut and then loaded into camera cassette, how the lead of the film should be cut and much more useful information.

Unfortunately some people who bought this manual from me previously started to sell its English copy themselves like their own property or put it on the web.

Table of Contents:

1 Introductions
2 Designations
3 Technical Data.
4 Composition.
5 Design and Operation
6 Accessories
7 Marking of serial number
8 General Handling instructions
9 Procedures of camera handling
9.1 Film loading into a cassette
9.2 Camera loading
9.3 Taking of shots
9.4 Unloading of a camera
10 Checking of Technical Condition
11 Rules of storage and transportation.
12 List of Illustrations
13 Attachment, Test pattern.

I will have also included in a 21 mm wide film for F-21 camera. I split out of a Kodak Tri-X pan 400 film for black and white prints using a original splitter made for this purpose. They did not manufacture a special 21 mm film for these cameras in the USSR. The KGB personal used film splitters in situ instead. They also developed the film themselves. I opened the cassette in dark, split the film, roll it back on 35mm spool, put it back in the cassette and closed the lid. I included the original film box and 35 mm cassette. Since the length of a film in F-21 is 600 mm, the film length in this 35 mm cassette is more than for 2 loads of F-21 cassette. The film needs to be developed in D76, Microdol-X or other suitable developers. Developing time is shown inside a yellow box. You can make a research how to make a reel for 21 mm film. Now there plenty of old reel available for modification. The reel shown in the manual is short cut version of standard developing reel. Enjoy your F-21.

The manuals are available direct from Valery Zakharov (, Herndon, VA, USA for 49USD plus postage.


Last updated 26th December 2006