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      Pen Cam II VR 


            High Quality Digital Camera

            Digital Video camera.

            Web camera.

            Voice Recorder!

Sensor Type: CMOS (640 x 480 Pixel)

VGA (640 x 480)CMOS

VGA (640 x 480) /

QVGA (320 x 240)

Image Performance:

8 fps, 30 sec.  (624 x 480)

8 fps, 120 sec.  (304 x 240)

Interface: USB 
For Video Stream: 3 fps VGA / 9fps QVGA

Memory and resolution:

bullt in 64MBit  of SDRAM

26 pictures for VGA 640 x 480

107 pictures for VGA 320 x 240

Dimensions: 14" x 5.6" x 1.8"
Battery: AA x 2 Alcaline Batteries
Battery Capacity:

Continuous Snapshots for two hours

Stand-By can work about two weeks 

View Angle: 54 degrees
Supports: sWin98/ME/XP/2000
  • "PC Camera"- Attach the camera to your system using the supplied USB cable. Then open any of the video based programs included to use the QT Cam Flash as a PC Camera. Try using it for video-conferencing in a program like Microsoft NetMeeting.


  • "Digital Camera"- You can take the Pen Cam with you anywhere. take snapshoths in either high resolution, or low resolution. In Hr, you can take up to 26 snapshots. In Lr you can take 107 snapshots. After downloading the pictures taken, you can edit any of the photos.


  • "Digital Camcorder"- You can also take video. In high resolution,you can take up to 30 seconds of  full live motion video. In low resolution, you can take up to 120 seconds of full live motion video.


  • "Voice Recorder" - Pen Cam can also be used to record voice. You can record  maximum  13 minutes of voice.


  • "Voice annotation" - Use your Pen Cam to listen your recordings.

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