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With reflective-type color STN LCD
Wristwatch type digital camera with color display
2X digital zoom
CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. announces the WQV-10 and WQV-10D, the latest addition to the Wrist Camera lineup of wrist-type wearable digital cameras that displays recorded images in color on its built-in display.

CASIO's first Wrist Camera model, which went on sale in the year 2000, was the world's first wristwatch type digital camera and was equipped with a monochrome CMOS imaging sensor. The year 2001 saw the introduction of new models that records images in 16.77 million colors, which can be transferred to and viewed on a computer. Images on the Wrist Camera LCD appear is monochrome, however. The compact, lightweight wristwatch configuration of all the previous Wrist Camera models made them instantly popular as imaging devices that are literally always "on hand."
Now the WQV-10 and WQV-10D take the Wrist Camera to the next logical step with a reflective-type color STN LCD monitor screen that lets you view images on the spot in 4,096 colors. A CASIO original power saving design makes it possible to extend the amount of operation provided between battery changes. The timekeeping and calendar screens of the WQV-10 and WQV-10D are also color, which means you can select from among six different color patterns. You can also use different colors to specific dates, which helps to remember anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions at a glance.

The WQV-10 and WQV-10D also come with 2X digital zoom, which lets you enlarge images on the monitor screen. Enough memory capacity is provided to store up to 100 images, and an IR data communication system makes it possible to exchange images with a computer or another Wrist Camera quickly and easily. All of these features and functions come packed in streamline metal case that creates a high-tech, elegant design.
• 25,344-pixel color CMOS sensor
• Reflective-type 4,096-color STN LCD
• IR image transfer with a computer or other Wrist Camera
  (WQV-1/WQV-2 series are not supported)
• Memory for up to 100 images
• 2X digital zoom
• Water resistant under normal daily use
• Metal band (WQV-10D) or resin band (WQV-10)
The Wrist Camera occupies a very important position in the e-databank Series of timepieces for the mobile network era. CASIO remains firmly committed to further improving the portability and performance of the Wrist Camera using the best that technology has to offer.
Wrist Camera WQV-10 and WQV-10D Features
• Always-on-hand wrist-type wearable color digital camera
The super compact, lightweight configuration of the Wrist Camera means it is always there whenever that special moment presents itself.
• 25,344-pixel color CMOS sensor
Color image recording is made possible by a 25,344-pixel color CMOS sensor. You can use IR data communication to transfer images to a computer where you can display them using 16.77 million colors.
• Color STN LCD monitor screen
The reflective-type 4,096-color STN LCD doubles as a viewfinder for recording and as a monitor screen during playback. Besides image playback, colors are also available for the timekeeping and calendar screens.
• 2X digital zoom
• IR image data communication
The WQV-10 and WQV-10D comes bundled with PC linking software for image data exchange with a computer equipped with a built-in IrDA standard IR port. A special optional IR adapter is also available to enable image transfer with a computer that does not have a built-in port. Of course, image data exchange between two Wrist Cameras is quick and easy.(*)
Future plans call for enhanced image data communication capabilities to include PDAs, digital games, portable phones, and more.
(*) WQV-1/WQV-2 series are not supported.
• Edit, process, and store images on your computer
The Wrist Camera comes bundled with "Ulead Photo Explorer 7.0 Lite" image software that lets you edit, process, and store images on your computer. You can use this software to perform various tasks, including incorporating images recorded with the Wrist Camera into an album, Web page, or slideshow.
• Memory storage for up to 100 images
1MB of built-in flash memory provides enough storage for up to 100 images (JPEG compressed). Images can be recorded and deleted as many times as you want. An Auto Date Stamp feature automatically records the date (year, month, day) and time (hour, minutes) you record the image along with the image data.
• Visual Data Bank for storage of phone numbers with portraits
After you record an image you can input up to 24 characters (12 characters in the upper line, 12 characters in the lower line) of memo text that can include letters, numbers, and symbols. This means you can record a person's portrait and then input their name and telephone number to create a phone book of faces, names, and numbers.
• 4-image thumbnail screen
• User-friendly features and functions
• Three recording modes (OUTDOOR, INDOOR, DUSK) let you instantly configure the Wrist Camera to suit current shooting conditions.
• A camera self-timer lets you select 2, 5, or 10 seconds before the shutter is released.
• You can adjust screen brightness to one of 15 different levels.
• Timekeeping, stopwatch, calendar, and other basic functions
The timekeeping and calendar screens are also displayed in color. You can select from among six different color patterns to give the Timekeeping Mode the look you want.
• Water resistant under normal daily use
WQV-10 and WQV-10D Wrist Camera Specifications
Water Resistance Water resistant under normal daily use
Recording Format JPEG (176 X 144 pixels); full color (16.77 million colors)
Recording Medium Built-in memory (1MB)
Memory Capacity 100 shots maximum (with recording date and time)
Recording Element 1/14-inch color CMOS sensor
(Effective Pixels: 25,344; Total Pixels: 28,000)
Lens F2.8 fixed, f = 1.1mm
Zoom Digital 2X
Approximate Focus Range 30cm to infinity
Subject Illumination Approximately 50 Lx to 90,000 Lx
Exposure Control Metering: Full screen average; Control: ALC (Average Luminance Control), exposure compensation
Shutter Electronic shutter
Shutter Speed 1/5.5 to 1/1,660 second, automatic
Self-timer 2, 5, 10 seconds
Monitor Screen 6,240 dots (78 X 80); 4096 colors; 20 X 20mm screen size
Recording Modes Normal; selectable to match shooting conditions (OUTDOOR, INDOOR, DUSK); brightness adjustment
Visual Databank Up to 24 characters per image (upper-case alpha, numeric, basic symbols)
Timekeeping Functions Time/date screen; full-month calendar; 5 alarms; stopwatch
Other Auto Power Save System; low battery warning; thumbnail search
Infrared Image data exchange with a computer; time and date setting, calendar holiday highlighting using a computer
Image data exchange with another Wrist Camera
Data Rate 115,200 bps maximum
Communication Range 10cm maximum
Dimensions 51.1 (H) X 39.3 (W) X 18.2 (D) mm
Battery CR2032
Approximate Battery Life 6 months (basic timekeeping only)
4 months (basic timekeeping, 1 photograph per day)
Bundled Accessories PC Link Software (for image transfer)
"Ulead Photo Explorer 7.0 Lite" image editing software
Options IR Adapter PAD-2B
•Computer System Requirements (for PC Link Software)
PC IBM/PC AT or compatible
OS Windows 2000, 98, 98SE, Me
CPU Pentium 166MHz or higher
RAM At least 64MB
HD At least 50 MB of free space
Interface Built-in IrDA standard port or optional special IR adapter
Display 800 x 600 dots, at least 16-bit high color recommended
Other CD-ROM drive, keyboard, mouse or other equivalent pointing device



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