Going Digital - PenCam Gallery

Why carry a subminiature? Well, to take photographs when you otherwise would never had had a camera with you and to get the shot that otherwise would be missed.

One of my games on Daddy's Sony Vaio - taking my onw picturesI was given a PenCam for my 4th birthday because Daddy did not like me running off with his laptop (Sony Vaio PCG-C1XN) to photograph myself and friends. I loved to play. 


Here are some pictures of me or by me with my little camera (Nisis QP1). For my 5th birthday I got a Casio QV10 but it is bigger and Mummy doesn't like me carrying it.

010127_bus_to_town.jpg (25591 bytes) Bus ride into Town.

010127_my_eye_view.jpg (32144 bytes) On the streets of Cambridge at my eye level.

010331_footbridge_river_cam.jpg (33138 bytes) Foot bridge over the River Cam at the lock.

010331_street_musicians_cambridge.jpg (37935 bytes) Street musicians in Cambridge

010417_chichi.jpg (18932 bytes) Chi Chi the Giant Panda at the British Natural History Museum

010430_mysnoopy.jpg (33818 bytes) My Snoopy collection

010528_wimpole_hall.jpg (32905 bytes) Wimpole Hall. The lady told Daddy that I was worth a photograph myself.

010623_barge_cam.jpg (38146 bytes) Me, barge on the River Cam.

010623_boathouse_cam.jpg (26268 bytes) Boat House, River Cam.

010623_bob_the_builder.jpg (34157 bytes) Bob the builder at the opening of a new hypermarket.

010623_fair_cambridge.jpg (32515 bytes) Me at the Cambridge Fair

010623_shopping.jpg (30351 bytes) Me, shopping

010623_whipsnade_zoo.jpg (20765 bytes) Whipsnade Zoo

010715_dad_with_my_leica.jpg (32118 bytes) Daddy using my Minox Leica at the Sea Lion pool, Whipsnade Zoo 

010819_kings_college.jpg (27232 bytes) King's College, King's Street

010826_milton_keynes_i_like_ballons.jpg (32544 bytes) Balloons in Milton Keynes. I love balloons.

010826_milton_keynes_yasmin.jpg (30595 bytes) Me next to statures in the shopping centre, Milton Keynes

010826_mum_dad_milton_keynes.jpg (30785 bytes) Mummy and Daddy in the shopping centre, Milton Keynes

and a recent movie from still frames.

Photographs donated by Yasmin McMullon, aged five and three-quarters. Copyright 2001-2002

Last updated 18th June 2002