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The demise of film has been predicted for may years (see the cartoon Outland {left}  from 1993, original Nikon RIP). APS with a digital layer to the film was introduced in 1996 but camera production ceased in 2002, meanwhile true digital cameras continued to get smaller, lighter, less power hungry, higher resolution and significantly cheaper.

This section covers Pencams, Spycams and digital version of cameras that look like a classic spy cameras, pens, credit cards and watch cams.

The growth in styles of small, and inexpensive cameras has lead to a wide variety of styles and for some to have more advanced features including zoom, removable storage and double up as MP3 players and micro-video recorders. The resolution achievable has also risen.

To be a tinycam the device should be under 120 000 cubic millimetres (7.4 cubic inches).
Larger cameras are only included if they offer an indicator of what the next generation of tinycam may include as features.

See also the section on compact digital cameras which are replacing 35mm film cameras.

Discussion Group - TinyCams

SpyCams, Jazz Cams, Aiptek PenCams, Clever Cams, Yahoo Cams, Dolphin Cams, and many other tiny digital cameras are sold for less than 80GBP (100USD). I'm calling these gadgets TinyCams. While the photo quality is generally pretty mediocre, they can still be a lot of fun. Slip one in your pocket so you always have a camera handy. You can grab photos of people without them knowing it or without attracting a lot of attention. Use them for e-mail photos, or decorate your website. And they seem to be getting better all the time. Charles Islas


The NISIS QP1 has a pen type pocket clip, but no neck chord. Using the clip to strap one end of a spectacle chord and opening up the other one to wrap around the the body below the lens makes for a perfect neck chord.

The batteries drain flat if left in the NISIS QP1 for about two days. If going on a trip don't put the batteries in until you want to take the first photograph, you could gain a couple of hours. When getting back home download the images immediately and remove the batteries. Rechargeable NiMH batteries work very well but do not last as long as a pair of fresh Duracell Ultra batteries.


Direct from the marketing pages but grouped here for historical reference when they become discontinued; which digital equipment seems to do very quickly.

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