Going Digital - Minox Digital 2.1Megapixel DD1

MINOX – a name that spells exclusiveness
Just like the legendary MINOX spy camera which stands for fine mechanical precision in miniature size, the MINOX DD1 also creates excitement through its unique design and technology concept. Pin-sharp definition and brilliance are guaranteed by the 5-element multi-coated glass lens. In combination with the 2.1 megapixel chip, the refined electronics and the specially developed software, you can be sure of brilliant images with natural rendition.

Concentration on essentials
This basic principle also applies to the MINOX DD1. All major functions are ergonomically designed and incorporated in the “mode” button on the back of the camera. No need to spend all your time looking up the operating instructions and you can get down to sheer photographic enjoyment straight away.

Precision that fits into every pocket.
This was the set task for the development team. And based on an entirely new interpretation of camera aesthetics the skilled designers managed once again to furnish another milestone in MINOX history. The body of the DDI is shaped as a round and flat basic form. The heart of the camera – the lens – is the core element and also forms the major component in the quality chain. The stylish shutter release, battery compartment and USB connection are arranged as marked features on the outer edge of the camera body and award the MINOX DDI the distinguished and unmistakable character that makes a classic camera. This extremely compact digital camera, which weighs just 120 grams / 4.23 oz and measures a mere 75 mm / 2.95 inches in diameter, is designed to become your very personal chronicler – which accompanies you wherever you go to record those moments that have to be captured.

New: 360°-Flash-View:
MINOX 360 Grad
New: Quality proof:

Technical Data MINOX DD1

Image sensor:
3.0 MP CMOS (2.1 MP hardware resolution)
Image resolution:
Still image: Super High Resolution (3.0 MP): 2048 x 1536 Pixels (Interpolation) Fine High Resolution (2.1 MP) or Fine Low Resolution (2.1 MP): 1600 x 1200 Pixels Super Low Resolution (2.1 MP): 1600 x 1200 Pixels; Web-Cam / Video: 320 x 240 Pixels
Image memory (internal memory):
Image compression (ratio):
super/high (3.0 MP): 1:9 / fine/high (2.1 MP): 1:5 fine/low (2.1 MP): 1:7,5 / super/low (2.1 MP): 1:12
Image memory capacity:
Super High Resolution (3.0 MP): approx. 40 Fine High Resolution (2.1 MP): approx. 40 Fine Low Resolution (2.1 MP): approx. 60
Main memory (camera):
Integrated optical viewfinder
LCD status display:
2 digit
5 elements, glass lens element with IR filter
Lens aperture:
F 2.8
Focal length:
9,6 mm / 0,38 inch related to small picture: approx. 48 mm / 1.89 inch
Focus range:
0,5 m / 3,2 ft to infinity (settings at 0.5m, 0.9m and infinity)
White balance:
Auto exposure
10 seconds
Power supply:
1 x CR2 battery / via USB connection (PC)
Menu control:
Shutter Button and On/Mode Button
Beep signal:
Automatic off:
Off mode, after 60 seconds of non-use
PC connection:
USB cable
83 x 75 x 32 mm / 3.27 x 2.95 x 1.26 inch (LxHxW)
approx. 120 g / approx. 4.23 oz

System requirements

In use as a web cam the DD1 needs a cable and the inexpensive bendy leg tripods are ideal.

The DD1 has a larger volume than the M3 digital but the smooth lines allow it to be slipped in and out of your pocket more easily.  It does present a larger profile when taking photographs.

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03/10/27 196USD
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06/10/16 38.99USD (no packaging)
06/11/26 80GBP
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DD1 Diamond
05/12/16 125GBP new
05/12/22 62GBP new
06/01/22 54.88EUR (wooden box)
06/06/05 53EUR (wooden box)

Last updated 26th January 2008