Going Digital - Minox Digital Classic Camera Leica M3 3.0 Mp (2.1 Megapixel hardware resolution)

 This version first appeared with a red 2.1Mp sticker and was soon changed to 3.0Mp sticker, but declares 2.1 Mp hardware resolution.

A milestone in digital photography – now with 2.1 Megapixels!

One of the absolute highlights at the Photokina 2002 was presented by the famous optics and miniature specialists from Germany: the MINOX Digital Classic Camera Leica M3. "Classic meets Digital", this was the motto that accompanied the product launch and thrilled many end users, dealers and representatives of the media. "Finding a niche in the ever-expanding and increasingly competitive digital camera market" is, according to MINOX´ managing director, Thorsten Kortemeier, the affirmed goal of this German company of tradition.
MINOX has imposingly accomplished this task with its digital replica of the Leica classic camera in miniature format, and there is a new and even more attractive feature to go with it:

This digital eye-catcher will be available from now on with a 2.1 Megapixel chip, enabling the user to shoot sharper images with even higher detail definition. This latest model from MINOX again boasts the traditional company values of extravagance and highest mechanical precision in a maximum compact design.

The MINOX Digital Classic Camera Leica M3 3.0 is quick and convenient to use and is excellently suited for beginners entering the world of digital photography and for users who have already discovered this digital realm.
Up to 99 images can be captured on the internal 32 MB memory chip. The USB cable which comes with the camera means that shots can be quickly and conveniently loaded onto the PC and then processed using the supplied software. The LCD display on the camera back provides instant information on the current number of shots.
Those attaching importance to an exclusive design and exceptionally compact dimensions will not be able to miss this digital beauty from MINOX. The many fine details in metal make the MINOX DCC Leica M3 3.0 stand out in a striking way, making it quite exceptional and a pearl among digital cameras. The minimal dimensions make this camera the right companion for every occasion and turn this unique masterpiece into a digital notebook.

Instruction manual in English, French and German.

For the latest driver please click here.

Technical Data

Image sensor:
2.1 MP CMOS sensor (2.1 hardware resolution)
Image resolution:
Still picture: 1600 x 1200 pixels
2048x1536 Pixels (interpoliert)
Video conference: 320 x 240 pixels
ISO 100
Internal memory:
Image capacity:
Super fine: up to 41 images
High: up to 75 images
Low: up to 99 images
Optical (Galilean-style)
LCD-image counter, mode-selection
Compatible with MINOX Classic Camera flash
5 elements glass lens with IR filter glass
Focal length:
9.6 mm (= 48.36 mm compared to 35 mm film)
Lens aperture:
Focus range:
Zone focus, 0.7m to 1.5m and 1.5 m to infinity
White balance:
Self timer:
10 seconds
Power source:
1 x CR-2 battery
Auto power-off:
Standby mode (After 1 min. inactivity)
File Format:
WINDOWS 98/SE/ME/2000/XP/MAC compatible
Computer interface:
External interface:
65mm(L) x 49mm(W) x 44mm (H)

System requirements

The CD in the airline pack is a standard 12cm CD but top and bottom cut off to allow it to fit into the narrow wooden box with transparent sliding lid.

Ebay results :-

Leica M3 3.0Mp

06/04/16 89.99EUR
06/08/28 94EUR wooden box
07/02/07 49.99GBP
07/02/11 106EUR wooden box airline packaging
07/03/04 84EUR airline packaging
07/07/07 92EUR
07/12/02 55.65EUR
08/01/05 52.99GBP
08/01/24 121.10USD airline packaging
08/02/10 78.77USD

Last updated 26th January 2008