Going Digital - Minox Digital Classic Camera Leica M3 accessories

The lens cap for the Minox classic range are optional extras. The lens cap for the M3 digital is the same as for the Minox Classic Lecia 1F and IIIf 8x11 cameras but not the Minox Leica M3 8x11 which is smaller. This lens cap is made of metal and has a rubber seal making a tight fit to the lens. Leica logo is stamped into the centre.

The leather case for the M3 digital is larger than for the Minox Classic Leica M3 8x11camera but is 6 grams lighter. The cases are well made and include a thumb screw to fix the camera in place and a neck strap.


Ebay 2005/11/23 52GBP, 2007/11/28 25EUR

Last updated 29th November 2007