Going Digital - Minox Mobi DV

MINOX MobiDV – the multimedia bundle that fits into a shirt pocket

A digital video camcorder, a digital camera, a MP3 player and a dictating device, all combined in a flat slim line body of just 16mm and weighing a featherweight 87 grams including storage card and battery – a device boasting these key data is absolutely unique, just like the famous MINOX spy camera was. This small and powerful MINOX MobiDV is a true multimedia bundle in shirt pocket format.


Real innovations cannot be described in one sentence. The SD card camcorder MobiDV is no exception here with its ultimate technical features enhanced by an unusual design. The central feature is the flat and compact body which provides a pleasant, ergonomic handling of the camcorder, enabling a shake-free and easy one-hand operation, in combination with the lens that can be turned through 230 degrees. The shutter release arranged on the side is encompassed in a dial with which the camera lens can be pivoted about the horizontal axis to film or portrait the user as well, while he or she put themselves in the picture using the high quality 1.5 inch TFT display. In the area of the body the optics can be turned and “parked” to provide protection against dust and scratching.

A chip with the resolution of up to 4 mega pixels provides the required detail rendition, in poor light conditions a powerful LED spotlight offers assistance for illuminating film recordings or serves as a flash while shooting pictures. The MobiDV is powered by the Li-ion battery (corresponds to the NOKIA 7210 cell phone battery), which can even be charged via the USB data cable on a notebook, for example.

Data storage is via the SD/MMC card which has a capacity of up to 1 GB – if that is not enough those requiring more can conceal a spare card in the body of the MobiDV. And if there is no subject available for photographing or filming, MobiDV can play up to two hours of MP3 music or make sound recordings on one battery charge.

Besides the Li-Ion battery the scope of delivery of the MobiDV includes a 128 MB SD storage card, an ever-ready case and earphones.

Technical Information MINOX Mobi DV

camcorder, MP3 player, digital camera, voice recorder
Image Sensor:
4.0 Megapixel (hardware resolution 2.1 million pixel)
2.304 x 1.728 pixels / 2.048 x 1.536 pixels (Still) 640 x 480 pixels (VGA) / max. 15 fps
Fixed Focus Lens
Rotation Lens:
Focussing Range:
approx. 0,80 m to infinity
4x digital zoom
Exposure Compensation:
EV -1,5 ~ +1,5 (in steps of 0,3 EV)
White Balance:
5 Modes für DV Camcorder + Digital Camera
Recording Quality Digital Camera:
JPEG: fine, normal, standard
Recording Quality DV Camcorder:
MPEG4: best, fine, normal, basic, economy
1,5'' LTPS (Low Temperature Poly Silicon)
4 Modes for DV Camcorder and Digitalkamera
Self Timer:
10 seconds
File Format:
5V DC Charger (USB port), USB Line
Power Supply:
Rechargeable Li-Ionen battery
103 x 62 x 16 mm
approx. 87 g
Scope of delivery:
Rechargeable Lio-Ion Battery, Pouch, AV-cable, AV-cable, USB-cable, CD-ROM, Instruction M Manual, Earphones, Power Supply Unit, Memory card (128 MB)

2006/02/07 112.11EUR,
2006/02/17 69.20EUR,
2006/02/23 56EUR,
2006/04/09 73.10EUR,
2006/04/30 44.96EUR,
2006/05/15 79EUR,
2006/06/27 72EUR,
2007/02/22 37.40EUR,
2007/02/26 35.51EUR,
2007/04/27 51.98EUR
2007/08/02 75.50EUR
2007/09/16 44.94EUR
2007/12/31 36.83EUR
08/02/01 49EUR

Last updated 3rd February 2008