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Variations in subminiature cameras and their accessories are presented in photographs including history, specifications and estimates of current value. Tips on photographic technique, general maintenance and repairs along with repair manuals and a large library of instruction manuals and literature relating to these cameras spanning over 60 years.

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Information on shops, where subminiature cameras are often sold with Web links and e-mail addresses. Details on World Wide Web links and home pages of users of Subminiature cameras users.


One stop shop, internet links of where to buy.


Few books on subminiature photography are still in print. Fortunately some are available electronically. See also 8x11 books and 16mm books.


For general information that applies to more than one format and accessories suitable for several subminiatures including self timers, dark room equipment, light meters and tripods.

 Collectorable Merchandise

Small objects of desire, cameras, but not functional for taking photographs these have clocks in places of lens. Also merchandise relating to manufactures of subminiature cameras such as key fobs, wrist watches, desk top mats, posters and counter displays.


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