Beauty 16 / Spy 16

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Labelled Beauty 16 and which has cassettes, like the some versions of the Rubix, and no counter window on the back.  A version of this model has been shown in Photo Arts, a Japanese Magazine, with "Spy" engraving (

Manufactured in 1949 by Taiyodo Koki the Beauty 14 using 17.5mm film has a similar body shape to the Epochs, Meteor and Vestkam but a very different viewfinder.

See "Spy Camera" page 79 Michael Pritchard and Douglas St. Denny shows a Vestkam like camera with the addition of a right angle view finder.

Model Beauty
Lens "C. Talent 1:3.5 F=25mm" and "T.K.K."
Shutter B, 1/12, 1/50, 1/100
Aperture f4.5
Film Door lock  
Dimensions 1 1/8 inch tall by 2 1/4 inch long
Date of Manufacture  
Current Value 285USD
Auction Price Ebay 2003/12/19 405USD


Last Updated on 25th April 2015