Beauty 16 / Spy 16

Labelled Beauty 16 this a 14x10 mm frame camera using a cassette like the some versions of the Rubix, and no counter window on the back. Rubix cartridges are too large as the winding spool will not centre and it is over 1 mm too short. None of the other roll film or cartridges from cameras from this late 40s fit any better.

The Spy 16 was announced in 1949 by Taiyodo Koki for "less than 2500" but no samples have been seen. This model has been shown in Photo Arts, a Japanese Magazine, with "Spy" engraving (  It was renamed Beauty 16 and from the feet only focus scale perhaps for export only to the USA.

It has a tripod screw thread on the base.

The dial on the right winds on the film. The dial on the left is the film counter 0 to 20, The top plate button primes or resets the winding. You can wind just using the right hand dial but it then does not lock for the frame unless the button is pressed first and the frame counter does not move. The shutter is cocked on the right, next to a bar that might fire a flash unit. The shutter is then released by the trigger on the left. Next press the button on the top and then wind the film on. The counter will then change. The winder will lock after winding on a frame.

The similar looking Beauty 14 using 17.5mm film has a body shape like the Epochs, Meteor and Vestkam but has a second right angle view finder. It has a 20mm lens, no focusing the same shutter speed options and mechanism not needing the priming and lock for winding on the film as that is provided by the window on the black to show the frame number from the roll film.


Beauty 16


silver and black


"C. Talent 1:3.5 F=25mm" and "T.K.K.",focus dial marked 3,5,7, 10,15, infinity (feet)


B, 1/25, 1/50, 1/100



Film Door lock



brown leather, stamped "Made in Occupied Japan" on the base



wxhxd 58x40x37 mm





Date of Manufacture



399 USD

Current Value

400 USD

Auction Price

Ebay 2003/12/19 405USD, *2022/07/06 399 USD



No internal guides for a roll film or cartridge. Take up wound by the dial on the top. Counter 0 to 20.


Last Updated on 22nd July 2022