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Croma Color 16 cameras were made in the early 1950s and are very similar to the Whittaker Pixie. The Croma Color 16 has simple shutter with settings for f8 and f11.

The Mykro Fine Color 16 is similar to the Croma Color 16, differences more noticeable inside (see below) and may have been made for a company other than Color Inc.

It is made of bakelite and uses 16mm movie film giving 12x14mm colour slides. The uncut strips of exposed and developed film could be viewed with the help of the Cromoscope viewer/projector which was sold as an accessory to the camera.

Both camera and projector came in coloured plastic including brown, green and red, or a combination of two,  as well as the more common black.


The projector was labelled "Color Inc, Columbus, Ohio, USA".

A boxed outfit was sold consisting of camera, film, case, projector and batteries with the inside of the box acting as a projection screen.

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