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The large reflector of the Mamiya flash is a design found with different camera fixture for the Steky and other subminiature cameras of the period. The Mamiya versions have a horizontal bar that allows  either the 16/Super 16 or the 16 Automatic to be fitted. The flash plug screws into the bar and hence into the camera. The camera is fixed in place by a thumb screw and a third hole allows a tripod to be attached.


Model flash for Mamiya 16
Finish/colour chrome black grey
Purchased 2002/06/18    
Date of Manufacture      
Cost 12.50USD (came with box and film cutter for Echo 8)    
Current Value      
Auction Price Ebay *2002/06/18 12.50USD, 2002/11/13 68USD, *2003/09/28 27.99USD 2004/02/13 21.50USD, 2004/05/21 21.50USD (box)  
Comment     The original case has a separator for the batteries.


Last Updated on 20th May 2005