Echo 8  (Model II or B)

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Following the success of the Camera-Lite Suzuki launched an improved model of the original Echo 8 in 1956. It is slightly larger, as are the cassettes it uses but it still uses split 16mm film with a 6x6mm negative.  Most noticeable is the round lens window that accepts screw-in filters (UV, yellow, red) and even a close-up lens for use at eight inches.  Fixed-focus, 15mm lens with variable aperture f3.5-f11.


Purchased 2004/01/09
Date of Manufacture  
Cost 300USD (mainly for the film and box)
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay
Comment supplied with 16mm to 8mm film slitter and spare film in wooden box

This camera has had the metal die casting of the camera damaged by leakage of lighter fluid.

A cigarette box purchased in Pune, Indian is a perfect match for the Echo 8 with space for film and film cutter.

Last Updated on 31st July 2006