Minox 8x11 - Filters

introduction | A B&W : yellow, ND, UV | B B&W : Yellow, Orange, Blue | Color Correction R3, R6, blue | C R3, R6, green | MX ND | Ednalite rotating filter holder

Filters are integral to the design of the Minox. The Riga as a yellow filter, the Minox A has yellow and green, orange and green and later neutral density and green. The Minox B has orange and green filters and later versions neutral density and green filers.

Additional snap on filters were added in the early 1960s. These consist of a U shape plastic snap-on holder and three circular filers. They are stored in a transparent plastic box wrapped in a folding cardboard box with the instructions printed on the inside. The holder is clipped onto the camera in front of the distance scale. The clip is usually black but some are grey.

Until 1962 the Minox A did not have an object window made of UV glass, so this was included in the filter set.

Minox IIIs black and white: yellow 2x, ND Grey 10x, ultra-violet

Minox B black and white: yellow 2x, orange 3x, blue 1.5x

The filter holder is fitted with the white dot at the top. Incorrect fitting covers the lens.

Minox IIIs & B color correction Skylight (Pink) called R3, Medium Skylight (red) called R6 , flash conversion Blue

The Minox C has a neutral density filter. A set of three filters in a grey plastic case was sold in 1969 consisting of green 2x and R3 and R6 skylight filters. The clip on plastic covers the lens and CdS cell, leaving a gap for the view finder. The Minox C is able to automatically compensate for the factor of the filter. Until the introduction of the Minox BL the filters are marked "MINOX C" and the filter type. After 1972 they are only marked "MINOX" and the filter type. This set of filters works with the Minox BL in the same way. Filters for the AIIIs and B also fit the C and BL cameras, but need manual correction.

The Minox LX and EC have no raised rim to fix the previous model's filters and no special filter sets where made for these cameras. The MX has an optional ND filter very similar in design to those used in Minolta 16 cameras. 

Last Updated on 23rd October 2005