Minox 8x11 - Transparency viewer and cutters

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The transparency viewer and slide cutter was first shown at Photokina in 1954. If cuts a single slide out of a film strip. The cutter was also sold without the magnifying glass which is the same as the negative strip viewer. The viewer allows the frame to be carefully positioned before it is cut.

The first version has a rounded base to the viewer lens and the clamp for the key is held by two screws. The film is slipped between two Plexiglas sheets.

On later cutters the base is squared off. The cutter has a clear diffuser sheet and finally opal glass.

The 1970s version has no cutter sheet and the slide can drop directly into place on the slide mount. The lens surround is grey in this version; black in the previous ones.

The two viewer-cutters in the 1960s style boxes shown below.

Last Updated on 26th October 2005