Fujifilm Nexia 330

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Ebay 2006/04/20 8GBP

If there was ever a camera designed to capture the good times, the compact zoom NEXIA 330ix is it. With high-quality features like a precision 3x Fujinon zoom lens and mid-roll film change, all you have to do is point, shoot and love the results. Operation is so simple with the 330 that the pictures almost seem to take themselves and with the one touch 3x zoom you'll have no problem getting right into the action. Built-in autoflash means you're never short of light, even in poor daylight, whilst the three print formats of the APS system bring a creative edge that makes picture-taking a real pleasure. With a robust integral lens cover and genuine hands-on styling, it's the camera that fits every lifestyle and the perfect choice for photographers who want to grab every photo opportunity.


Last Updated on 20th April 2006