Petal Round

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There are at least three distinctions are found in the round Petal model. The engraving "Made in Occupied Japan" is either on the back or on the side and CPO may be engraved in a diamond on the back.

The other distinction is that the small wooden box is either large enough to take the camera inside it's case or too small for the case to fit. Possibly the camera was sold with the case as an option.

Model Petal (Round)
Finish/colour chrome 'nickel' plated
Engraving MIOJ on side MIOJ on side Made in Occupied Japan on the back
Case dark brown light brown  
Box Large Box Small box  
Instructions   English  
Purchased 2002/10/14    
Date of Manufacture 1948 1948  
Cost 355USD    
Current Value 250-300USD, 450USD boxed and complete
Auction Price Ebay 2002/03/09 361USD, 2002/07/26 234.50USD (boxed), *2002/09/06 256USD (case), 2002/09/16 255USD (box), *2002/10/14 355USD (box, no film), 2002/10/17 251.28USD (case), 2002/12/25 203.50USD (case), 2003/01/06 332USD (large box, case), 2003/02/25 200USD (case), 2003/03/08 144.50USD, 2003/03/14 200USD (box, no case), 2003/04/11 275USD (box, case, film box), 2003/04/24 202.50USD (CPO engraved), 2003/05/14 167.50USD (MIOJ back), 2003/07/23 177.50USD, 2003/08/10 125USD (case), 2003/10/12 100USD, 2003/12/11 328USD (MIOJ back), 2004/01/04 205GBP (MIOJ back), 2004/01/11 151EUR, 2004/02/01 382USD (box, 2 film boxes), 2004/03/13 365.55USD (box), 2004/03/18 349USD (box, film box), 2004/03/28 245USD, 2004/04/04 338.33USD (box),  2004/05/10 161GBP (box, film box), 2004/06/18 157USD (box), 2005/01/23 305USD (box, film), 2005/03/10 201.26USD, 2005/03/15 300USD (box), 2005/04/08 343.52USD, 2005/06/01 205/50USD, 2005/10/22 237.50USD (box), 2005/10/30 280USD, 2005/10/31 250USD, 2005/11/12 551USD (box, MIOJ), 2005/11/23 227.50USD (case), 2006/01/04 275USD (box, film), 2006/01/15 217.50USD (boxed film, box), 2006/01/22 175USD (MIOJ), 2006/01/22 152.50USD (MIOJ), 2006/01/24 249.95USD (box), 2006/02/05 363.50USD, 2006/02/12 380USD (box, with film), 2006/04/10 540USD (box, film), 2006/05/24 188.50USD (instructions), 2006/05/26 255USD, 2006/06/16 284.79USD, 2006/06/26 202.50USD (case), 2006/07/11 204.49USD (box), 2006/07/24 198USD (box), 2006/07/30 223.50USD (case), 2006/08/08 211.09USD (film, soft case), 2006/08/08 237.74USD, 2006/09/30 220EUR+commission (with Coronet Cameo), 2006/12/08 320USD (case, box), 2007/04/18 303USD, 2007/08/27 660.99USD (with two film, MIOJ), 2007/10/04 404.99USD (box, case), 2007/10/21 255EUR (chrome peeling on back), 2007/10/28 255GBP (box, film, MIOJ on back), 2008/02/19 100GBP (MIOJ), 2008/02/21 327USD, 2008/07/15 256.99GBP (film)

Large Box

Small Box

The case is too large to fit the box which is only large enough for the camera and instruction sheet.

Engraved on the back Made in Occupied Japan

Engraved on the back <CPO>

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