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  • Contents:

    Chapter I - Introduction to Subminiature Photography

    Chapter II- The History of Subminiature Photography

    Chapter III - Subminiature Cameras

    Chapter IV - The Varieties of Subminiature Design

    Chapter IV - The Features of Subminiature Photographic Equipment

    Chapter IV - Subminiature Photography in War and Peace

    Chapter IV - Techniques of Subminiature Photography




    William White, Subminiature Photography, 1990, 262 pages. The acknowledges bible on the history and technique of subminiature photography, with chapters to the history and technique of espionage.

    The coverage is extensive following the history of the manufacturers and models but is not definitive on all models.

    See also William White's top 10 subminiature lens.

    The book is available second hand for 275-500USD.

    Ebay 2004/05/10 53.88USD, 2005/05/08 60USD, 2005/07/23 31.01USD

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