Eljy Lumière Club with extinction meter

1937 f/3.5 T/I | 1938 f/3.5 chrome edges | 1939 f/4.5 | 1939-40 Deuxième Bureau | 1938-39 Super f/3.5 large window, small window | 1944 f/3.5 1/150th | 1945 f/3.5 1/200th | 1948-49 f/3.5 synchronized | 1950 (white face) | Club 1951-60 extinction meter | Club 1958 counter on top | Club 1960  accessory show

Club 1951-60 ($150, coloured coverings $300). Updated in styling and with 24x36mm exposures on special 35mm film.

The Eljy Club was a modernised version of the Super Eljy with a superior lens and shutter. In 82x50x52 mm the camera incorporates a 40mm Lypar f/3.5 lens with a minimum focusing distance of 50 cm, rim set Atos or Atos 2 shutter from 1 to 1/300 second plus B.  The chrome top housing incorporates optical viewfinder and extinction meter. When looked through there are letters of the word "LUMIERE" that light up with a knurled wheel on the top set to the same letter in combination with the French words for sun, cloudy, haze, etc. determine the shutter and aperture to set. The comparable Photavit has a smaller 24x24mm negative. Unfortunately the camera uses paper back 35mm, but different to the Kodak 828 (as used in the Photavit 828 model) film making it harder to user today.

In addition to the normal black covering the early style Eljy Club was available with blue, green, yellow, red, brown or white covering.

Model Eljy Lumière Club with extinction meter
Serial # 2.946
Lens 40mm Lypar f/3.5
Shutter 1 to 1/300 second plus B
Purchased 2003/02/07
Date of Manufacture 1951-58
Cost 45GBP
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay  *2003/01/19 100USD, 2003/01/27 82USD, *2003/02/07 45GBP, 2003/03/25 90EUR, 2004/06/15 75EUR, 2004/06/19 62EUR, 2004/07/25 100EUR, 2005/02/01 77.75GBP, 2005/04/20 35.51EUR, 2005/09/01 78.50EUR (case), 2005/09/19 80EUR, 2005/09/19 70EUR, 2005/11/01 56EUR, 2005/12/11 2004/50USD, 2006/04/16 121EUR, 2006/04/21 31.05EUR, 2007/03/25 63EUR, 2008/01/28 44.01EUR (case)

Last Updated on 30th January 2008