Kowa Ramera (blue)

Introduction | Bell Kamera [ black | blue | red | white ] Kowa Ramera [ black | blue | red | white ]

This is a blue Ramera, the combination radio with small 16mm subminiature camera. Introduced by Kowa Optical Works in 1959, this combination am radio and 16mm subminiature camera is one the most unusual camera offered by anyone.  The camera has a Prominar 23mm f/3.5 lens

The kit come with everything from the earphone in its special leather case and still wrapped in plastic, and the original battery still in plastic wrap, but the lens has its original and almost always lost, lenscap..

Ebay 2003/03/23 158.05USD, 2003/04/10 229.01USD, 2004/12/12 300USD, 2005/11/03 225USD, 2008/02/23 384.99USD

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