Olympus SC16 - 3

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These Olympus SC cameras are used with fibre optic lighted probes for photographing medical conditions inside the body. It has an unusual two lug bayonet mount for attaching optics and the viewing lens at the back has dioptre adjustment. There are 4 spring loaded electrical connectors in the lens mount for powering the camera. It has the normal cable release adaptable shutter button on top next to a red light diode power indicator. It takes a 16mm film cassette similar to the Minolta 16. A window in the film compartment door allows checking for film advancement and a window on top houses the film exposure dial.

Model  Olympus SC16-3
Serial #  
Purchased 2002/10/07
Date of Manufacture  
Cost 75EUR
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay  2002/03/27 173.50USD, *2002/10/07 75EUR (box), 2005/09/28 79.50USD, 2005/11/21 88.89USD (#930421, with A10-L2 bayonet fitting), 2007/04/16 39USD, 2007/07/28 56.10USD



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