Midget, Jilona Model I

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The Midget Jilona appeared in 1937 making it the first, and in many ways the original, "Hit" camera.  This film format is often referred to as Midget film and the Midget format. Since HIT cameras are still being made, this is one of the longest running subminiature formats.

The Midget Jilona model 1 has a fixed focus 22mm (f6.8) two-element lens and shutter speeds of B and I (1/25).  The viewfinder however is a small pop-up like the Eljy Lumiere.

Model Midget Jilona Model 1, #0.1233
Lens 20mm
Shutter B, 1/25-1/100
Aperture f4.5
Film Door lock  
Dimensions 55x40x32mm (width x height x depth) with viewfinder up
Weight 70g
Purchased 2003/08/05
Date of Manufacture  
Cost 223.93USD
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay 2002/08/27 379USD, 2003/08/05 230.49USD, 2004/09/18 68USD (no leatherette, finder damaged), *2005/02/13 223.93USD, 2005/05/05 56.55USD, 2005/05/28 306.03USD (prism finder, hood), 2006/03/19 41USD (case), 2006/07/10 125USD (grey), 2006/08/22 207.50USD (case), 2007/08/02 104.50USD (case)

Prism finder and lens hood

Last Updated on 2nd August 2007